How to authenticate a CHANEL bag and spot a fake

by Darina Granik January 08, 2018 4 Comments

Chanel is a company that does not need an introduction - it is one of the most famous, covetable and respectable brands on the planet. Also, it is one of the most expensive therefore replicated brands. Sky high prices, that grow annually, long wait lists for the items and limited access to the most classic universal colours and models - all of these make it quite complicated to get a Chanel handbag of your dreams. This is where vintage and preloved stores come in very handy. But one must be careful to look out for fakes. While at Lux Second Chance we consider authenticity as our core value, we have prepared a list of signs that you should check before getting yourself a Chanel handbag in a store other than a Chanel boutique.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Best handbags of 2017 for any budget

by Darina Granik December 03, 2017

With the holiday season fast approaching, a hunt for the best gifts has begun. Here at Lux Second Chance we believe that a designer handbag is the perfect gift for your loved ones - your mother or daughter, wife or girlfriend, best friend or sister, or just yourself. With it, you can show how much you love them and it will put a big smile on their faces. However, the market is so big and saturated that it is quite hard to navigate through it for those who are not familiar with it! To help you out, we made some tips and picked some of the most covetable handbags and leather goods for any budget.

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How to authenticate a LOUIS VUITTON bag and spot a fake!

by Darina Granik November 02, 2017 7 Comments

Louis Vuitton is considered to be the most counterfeited brand of all luxury brands - reportedly 90% of LV purses sold on eBay are fakes. In 2008 the French court ordered the online marketplace to pay $61 million to LVMH, the luxury group that owns Louis Vuitton. Almost 10 years later, counterfeiting is still a global problem. In order to save yourself from buying a fake Louis Vuitton handbag, we made a detailed list that will help you spot a fake!

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The glossary of bags

by Darina Granik October 03, 2017

The universe of bags and the words to describe them are so diverse and versatile that even professionals, including us at Lux Second Chance, sometimes get confused. While there is a common word “bag” that encapsulates any sack, in which you can put personal items to carry them, there are lots of other words that refer to the size, shape, function, closure and the way of carrying it. We have compiled a list that will help you to use the right words for your favourite accessory.

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The Most Iconic Bags from the Movies

by Darina Granik September 05, 2017

Every September the city of Toronto is buzzing about cinematography and everything related to it, as during the second weekend of the month all of Hollywood lands in the city for the Toronto International Film Festival. We are no exception: the film bug bit us too.  While there has been much written about fashion in films, as well as about the most iconic dresses and shoes from the movies, we decided to reflect on the most iconic bags from the screen.

We featured a few top bags, that had a special symbolism, impacted a story or were a signature item of a heroine.

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Top 3 Bags You Need On Your Summer Vacation

by Darina Granik August 01, 2017

Often times, the month of August is when people take their summer vacation - to enjoy the best weather in Europe, when it is not as hot anymore and before the new season/ school year starts. Without a doubt most of the fashion-conscious travellers don’t want to look like tourists while exploring new cities, so they avoid sporty backpacks and touristic nylon fanny-packs. We’ve compiled a list of the most useful and stylish options that should be taken on vacation, besides obviously a suitcase and a small carry-on on wheels.

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Celebration of American Luxury

by Darina Granik June 30, 2017

At Lux Second Chance, we love European brands! Who doesn’t, right?! However, let’s not forget our talented neighbors. This month we celebrate American fashion and American luxury along with the celebration of the 4th of July. While some associate a notion of luxury exclusively with French and Italian major fashion houses, let’s talk about American luxury and its global impact.

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The 4 Essential Outfits you Need to Pair with your Spring Purses

by Brian Brian May 07, 2017

It's official! Spring is in the air which, means it’s time to transition that wardrobe of yours. With that said, when we say “wardrobe” we don’t just mean outfits, as you know - it’s what to wear with our fave purses!

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It’s All About the Now: See Now, Buy Now.

by Brian Brian April 09, 2017

Depending on how accustom you are with the world of fashion, you may or may not know the original concept behind the elaborate fashion weeks we see all over the media which, are held twice a year in each fashion capital.

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What Makes Luxury, 'Luxury'?

by Brian Brian March 02, 2017

We are all about luxury purses at Lux Second Chance, so that’s exactly what we are going to explore in this month’s blog—what exactly makes them 'luxury'?

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Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Leathers for Luxury Purses

by Brian Brian February 01, 2017 1 Comment

  "Should I choose the Calfskin or Lambskin… What’s the difference anyways?!”

At Lux Second Chance we hear you... With so many options out there today we take the time to know the A-Z’s of everything to do with luxury purses and we want to share this with you! 

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Purse Trends You Need to Know for 2017

by Brian Brian January 01, 2017

As 2016 wrapped up this past week and the new chapter of 2017 began, we wanted to focus on keeping you ahead of the purse game for the coming seasons—insuring you know all the trends set to appear throughout the next few months.

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