Although summer is in full force, everyone knows fashion is always looking months ahead. With that, we wanted to switch it up this month and bring you our latest trend forecasting! Looking ahead to fall 2020, you can expect daring choices, reoccurring staples, and a way to incorporate your style into any trend! We scoured the fashion Bibles: Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar to note the common denominators in each list. This brings us the top six reoccurring trends for the fall.

Fringe with Benefits

The top trend that made an appearance in all four lists was fringe, fringe, fringe for days! And then when you’re finished with fringe, you do it again. Seems daunting? It could arguably be a really easy trend to pull off. With so many different ways to incorporate fringe into a look, you can use it to add extra texture, extra drama, or extra fun! Check out some of our favourite fringe pieces on our Lux Second Chance site.


Horseback Riding in the Hamptons

The prep school boy falls in love with the equestrian super star and the rest is history. With this trend, we decided to marry some common themes we saw presented in this fall’s trend forecast. Where classic British looks meet New England staples, preppy plaids, clean tailoring, and smart blazers are here to live their best lives. Realistically, what is more fall than plaid? Seriously, what is more luxury than equestrian chic? Here are our favourite horseback riding inspired pieces and our reasons for being mad for plaid!


New Age Grunge

Who is prep school plaid’s spicier, edgier sister? That would be punk plaid and the new age grunge look. The major 90’s vibe is having a moment right now in more ways than just oversized plaid shirts tied around the waist. Slinky slip dresses, tiny chokers, and combat boots were all over the runways for the fall 2020 shows and if we’re being honest; we’re here for it! To find your nouveau grunge look, we recommend these studded pieces!


Looks Worth a Shag

We know the animal hide and skins will never go out of fashion, but what’s specific to this fall is all about the shag and all about the shear. Showcased on all four forecasts, it’s been decided. Perfected, smooth, and pristine furs are out! Messy shags are in! Want something a little more daring, dramatic, and edgy than your basic furs? Shake it up this fall with some shearling accessories!


Chain Reaction

We love rock n’ roll and we’ll put another dime in the jukebox, baby! At this point in the list, we’ve come to the conclusion that edge is in! There’s so many ways to incorporate a little edge, a little character, and a little dare and flare to your looks this fall! Heavy metals can take your look from safe to style in just one easy way. Oversized chains and metals are dominating the entire accessories sector! Here’s our best finds for some chain-linked accessories.


Victorian Vibes

The other end of the spectrum, the fall runway this year has shown influence of a more prim and proper time: the Victorian era. High-neck tops, tightly buttoned up coats, billowing sleeves, and antique floral prints all scream Little Women chic. Honestly, we are loving it! But maybe you’re feeling like you can’t commit to the whole look? Pick it up in subtle details like jewelry or in a sophisticated print.


The New Essential Accessory

Okay, so maybe this is a bonus one, and definitely not anything we saw on the runway (yet). Of course, when Fall 2020 showed on the runway COVID-19 was not a global threat. So much has changed since then. Can we expect to see face masks on the runway in the future? You can bet good money on that! Although we haven’t seen high fashion masks on the runway just yet, luxury fashion brands have already jumped on the opportunity. We at Lux Second Chance encourage everyone to be safe and considerate of others, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise style! Here are some of our favourite high fashion face masks from our favourite brands.



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