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Authenticated and well curated new and used luxury handbags, shoes, jewelry and watches. Our online shop is an efficient, economical way to buy pre-loved designer luxury with savings up to 80% off retail

Head office: Toronto, Canada  |  Locations: France, USA, UK


Lux Second Chance brings the world’s best pre-loved designer luxury goods into the palm of your hands. 

We source and curate beautiful collections of high-end brands, featuring both timeless classics, and trendy, in-the-moment items – many of which are not available in North American markets. Some rare pieces even come from private sales, having never been available on retail shelves.

From only the most discerning, reputable, and prestigious consignment shops from London, Paris, New York, and other designer-obsessed cities, right to your front door.

So much of the world’s best designer luxury loves that were previously inaccessible to you – can now be yours for the taking.


Diana Nguyen is a visionary who never lets barriers stand in her way.

Inspired by her own first experience owning luxury, Diana set out to help give others their first luxury experience as well – because, she believes how you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside.

“When you carry a luxury piece, it empowers you with confidence and makes you stand tall and stand out,” says Diana. “Dress for your boss’ boss’ job, and you WILL get there!”

From the beginning, Diana was determined to give this feeling to others around the world. In fact, Diana first funded her entrepreneurial venture by selling 23 of her own luxury handbags to her first customers on the first version of the Lux Second Chance website!

Diana took her knowledge as a bond trader, and applied it to the global consignment industry, becoming a recognized trailblazer in the North American tech industry. She built a proprietary platform and algorithm that in essence, created an inter-connected global marketplace for fully authenticated, high-end consigned designer luxury goods – all conveniently available in one destination: Lux Second Chance..

”Why shouldn’t we be able to buy our fave Chanel bag in our pajamas?” says Diana. “Sometimes, I say, I really started this business to give to others, what I personally wanted for myself.” 


Lux Second Chance is for individuals who believe in doing something to stand out.
It is for people who are both luxury lovers and value seekers.
It is for smart, savvy individuals who love the hunt for rare finds, statement pieces and classic loves, but who value more - their time spent with family and friends, doing the things they want to do.
It is for people who don’t believe in wasting time travelling from store to store without a guarantee of results. These individuals would rather find more efficient ways to get what they want, the way they want it. And they want the global marketplace to be in the palm of their hands. No barriers. No compromise.

Like Diana who embraces the arts, tech, finance and some luxury thrown in-between, these individuals of Lux Second Chance also have many sides to them! And they want the best luxury designer goods to reflect their personality and moods, and they want to give back and preserve the planet in the process.  



I fight for the belief that luxury shouldn’t just be reserved for the rich and famous, or those with privilege. It shouldn’t just be for those who live in “the city,” or who can travel to Paris, London, or New York on a shopping whim.
I fight for those who aspire to experience luxury, and I fight to give those people the luxury they love. To bring it to their doorsteps.
I fight to build an equal playing ground. Anyone who wants the world’s highest luxury brands should have them.
I am fashion-forward in some ways, and timeless in others. I am global and local at the same time. I don’t believe in boundaries – take your vision beyond what you currently see as possible.

I am discerning and all about value. I am uncompromising when it comes to quality, brand promises and personal style. But I don’t take myself too seriously.

I believe in giving back, caring for others, and caring for our environment (a.k.a. our planet) so as part of Lux Second Chance’s commitment to give back, we are a proud member of the Upside Foundation of Canada and Sick Kids Foundation.


Diana Nguyen | Founder/CEO

P.S. I am always looking for ways to make your experience with us exceptional. If there are any services or products you would like us to further provide, please feel free to send me an email at diana@luxsecondchance.com
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