Authenticated and well curated new and used luxury handbags, shoes, jewelry and watches.  Our online shop is an efficient, economical way to buy pre-loved designer luxury with savings up to 80% off retail.
Head office: Toronto, Canada.


We bring trust and fairness to fashion, making luxury affordable and accessible.
It is our passion to share the joy of owning an original Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci,
Prada, and the likes.

Bringing high fashion to a more reasonable price!

Treat yourself to new beautiful things. 

Dress for success! Make the outside match the inside!
Show the world who you really are.
Share your style and spread the love.

TRANSPARENCY breeds trust.

AUTHENTICITY is important, from the items you own to the words you share.

GENUINENESS is what we believe in.

So TRUST is a given when you come to us.

As part of Lux Second Chance’s commitment to give back, we are a proud member of The Upside Foundation of Canada. The Upside Foundation provides a platform to donate equity so that we can share our upside with our community. For more info, click here.


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