At Lux Second Chance, we understand the importance of trust.  Shopping for pre-owned luxury items isn't easy.  The reselling industry is plagued by sellers of counterfeit luxury handbags, so it is essential that our experts are skilled in the art of authentication.

The authenticity of every piece is reviewed and inspected to ensure that its details meet with the manufacturer's established standards of quality in stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, hologram stickers (if applicable), serial number or date code, materials and craftsmanship.  

After receiving an item, we inspect the item with the manufacturer's established standards.  As an additional safeguard measure to guarantee it is genuine we may use a third-party authenticator, Authenticate First (, whose core business is authentication.   We only list items that are 100% authentic, gone through the authentication process and authenticity approved.

We stand by our authenticators, the genuineness of each item we sell and we offer a 100% money back return policy should you for any reason be unsatisfied with your purchase.  Trust is given when you shop with us!




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