So clearly 2020 has been nothing like we anticipated. As an extension of that, our new wardrobe looks and choices have kind of been the same way. Have you been opting for CK sports bras over your favourite sultry lace bras? Are you finding new ways to incorporate athleisure wear into going out outfits? Has that tube of mascara you bought in March lasted you into the fall? It’s okay! That’s where we’re at too!

Let’s take the shame out of low-maintenance looks and let’s embrace this new normal for what it has to offer: functional and fashionable alternatives!


WFH (Working From Home) Outfits

Let’s face it, those of us who can work from home are going to ride out this wave for as long as humanly possible! It’s now socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to board meetings. While we do want to thank Zoom for hiding our bottom half every day, we’re now seeing this massive trend on the rise!

Athleisure wear has been a trend for some time now (those that love it, love it and those that hate it, hate it), but it took the circumstances of 2020 to put it into overdrive! Influencers, models, and celebrities alike are showing off their new digs during quarantine and honestly, we’re just happy that fashion isn’t taking a break during COVID!

Check out Harper Bazaar’s list of Best Athleisure Wear to Copy Stat and where you can shop these killer new finds!


Finish It Off with Comfortable Footwear

So maybe the trends on the runway for Fall 2020 were oblivious to how long this pandemic would go on for. Meaning, we have a mix of practical and impractical looks when it comes to fall footwear trends. Given that night clubs, events, and parties are either #cancelled or online, stilettos and heels in general are not going to be our go-to working from home, running essential errands and social distance BBQ hangs shoe of choice.

Looking at some trends that we can get on board with, we’ve picked out some functional fashion finds!


Face Masks

Self-explanatory. Remember to always look fashionable AND WEAR A MASK! Protect yourself, protect others.

Check out our favourites below!


Handbags Big Enough to Fit All the New Essentials

Did anyone else try and make their tiny cross-body bags and clutches work this summer? It was just too damn hard! With hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, and backup masks to carry on you at all times, little handbags seem to be a thing of the past (for now). Especially as the weather gets chillier, we’ll be packing even more with us on a day out. With that, we need practical handbags that can do the job!

Here’s what the Fall 2020 runways had to offer us in the “big bag” department.


Don’t forget that a lot of these new essentials can be found on! Need to accessorize your athleisure wear look? Trying to find some designer sneakers? Look no further! And handbags, handbags, handbags are what we’re known for! There’s too many great finds to narrow it down, so check out our handbag section here.

Happy shopping, Luxers! 

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