As we putter through January, it’s not too late to set your goals and resolutions for 2021! We’re talking in particular about fashion-related goals that are not only good for you and the environment, but also feasible enough that you can make them your All Year resolutions, as opposed to a New Year’s resolution.

Society as a whole, consumes fashion at an astonishing rate; similar to the way we consume food, media, and entertainment. This is why it is more important than ever to be intentional with your purchasing habits and your relationship with your wardrobe. Here are our top eight ways to get you there!


1. Shop more “safely”

We’re possibly starting off with the easiest, and the one we know people are already doing, and that’s shopping more “safely”, (i.e. online). This pandemic isn’t going anywhere and depending on what part of the world you live in, in-store shopping for non-essentials (aka fashion) is a thing of the past. The COVID-19 pandemic just catapulted online shopping into overdrive with no intention of slowing down! We encourage all Luxers to get comfortable with the new normal for consuming fashion products and check out some of our past blogs to get the most of your online shopping experience


2. Shop more ethically

No, this isn’t just a buzz word we want to throw around; we want you to take it seriously. Given all the resources out there currently, this resolution has never been easier! We know it’s a big ask to suggest that every product you own or buy should now come from an ethically-backed company, but you can always start small and go from there! Try giving up fast-fashion or brands that utilize sweatshops to make their products. Start by researching brands you are looking to buy from and see what their ethical practices are. 

We understand that the word “ethic” is very broad, but it’s a good way to start as our following resolutions also fall along those lines. 


Shop more ethically


3. Shop more sustainably 

Once again, this is becoming easier than ever! Not only that, the negative connotation of the resale market has been completely reformed over the past decade, so we all might as well embrace it! Make the resale market your new first choice for consuming fashion (or anything for that matter!), not just a once in a while browse. Support more brands that value sustainability and look into their sustainability practices on their websites. Not only will you be helping the environment, chances are you’re saving money as well! 


4. Invest in quality pieces

A good practice to start is factoring in price per wear. Is that flimsy top from H&M going to pill as soon as you start wearing and washing it? Will the outfit you’re looking at still be in style in 5 years time? Are you rationalizing your inexpensive, low quality purchase with “well even if I get 5 wears out of it, it’ll be worth the buy!”. Stop that! Shopping for quality pieces, even though you know they will be more expensive, will actually save money in the long run when you factor in price per wear. Invest in your clothes and they'll show you the return! [1]

The same rule applies if you’re ever considering reselling your fashion pieces or accessories on the resale market. This requires investing in quality pieces that will not only stand the test of time, but also the wear that comes with it. Not only that, but is your piece considered a hot commodity? Does it generally perform well on the resale market? These are all the things you need to take into consideration when looking to invest in quality pieces. 


Prada - Invest in quality pieces

5. Up your accessories game

This is also an easier one to incorporate into your wardrobe resolutions for 2021. Even the biggest fashionistas sometimes need reminders that accessories shouldn’t just be an after-thought, but a starring role in your well-incorporated looks. At Lux Second Chance, we provide a great place to start scooping out those killer accessory looks! 

It can be as simple as going with a bolder handbag as opposed to your staple black. Maybe switching up your jewelry for some statement necklaces. The best part about accessories is that you can have more fun with them than clothes! There’s less rules and more opportunities to add that extra wow factor into any look!


6. Do a wardrobe reassessment and detox

Yes, it’s necessary! If you haven’t already found time during lockdown to really go through and detox your wardrobe, a new year is a great excuse! Not only that, studies have shown that it’s actually good for your mental health (and who doesn’t need help with that in January?). [2] 

Keeping something because you’re waiting for the right occasion to wear it? Things like evening wear or occasional wear tend to become dated faster than regular daywear. Don’t hopelessly hold on to these pieces!

Keeping that great pair of jeans that can’t do up or a slinky dress that’s just a little too tight to wear? Many people want to look how they used to, or they may want to look a certain way in the future. Although we justify keeping these items as “aspirational clothing”, saving an item of clothing that doesn’t fit is only going to bring negativity to mind when you see it. [2]


Do a wardrobe reassessment and detox


Now, when you’re down with this exercise (and we recommend doing this at least bi-annually), remember, those clothes/accessories do not go in the garbage (unless they are truly garbage and no longer salvageable)! You can either a) bring them to your closest charity that accepts these types of donations, b) donate them to your closest second-hand store, c) bring them to a consignment store and make some cash on your discarded clothes or d) utilize the online resale market to make your cash!


7. Shop (and dress) more consciously

This is a great point to follow with after detoxing your wardrobe. Once you’ve made some tough decisions and parted ways with your unwanted pieces, please don’t give yourself permission to regain all that loss with new items. This defeats the purpose of the detox. Influencers, fashion brands, and environmentalists alike (random combo, we know) are encouraging people more and more to shop consciously. This relates back to shopping more ethically and sustainably, but it’s mostly talking to the “why” of shopping. 

Are you shopping out of boredom? Do you really need that new piece of clothing? Have you nothing else in your wardrobe that you can use for that specific purpose you’re shopping for? Are you justifying that it’s a good price, but you actually don’t need it at all? Will it still be in great condition years from now? Can you find it on the resale market instead?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves when making purchases in an attempt to not contribute to conspicuous consumption, and ultimately, the negative effects it has on our environment.


Shop (and dress) more consciously


8. Have fun with fashion!

Yes, it does seem like we’ve outlined a lot of “rules” or “guidelines” in this blog, but fashion should be fun! If something isn’t bringing you extreme joy, then you probably shouldn’t buy it or keep it. Fashion and shopping--when done properly--can provide us with a form of fun and entertainment. If it’s not, then we are probably doing it for the wrong reasons! Keep this in mind as you head into a new year and see how it can positively affect your shopping habits and behaviours!

Until next time, happy new year and happy shopping, Luxers! 


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