Celebration of American Luxury

by Darina Granik June 30, 2017

At Lux Second Chance, we love European brands! Who doesn’t, right?! However, let’s not forget our talented neighbors. This month we celebrate American fashion and American luxury along with the celebration of the 4th of July. While some associate a notion of luxury exclusively with French and Italian major fashion houses, let’s talk about American luxury and its global impact.

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The 4 Essential Outfits you Need to Pair with your Spring Purses

by Aine Morris May 07, 2017

It's official! Spring is in the air which, means it’s time to transition that wardrobe of yours. With that said, when we say “wardrobe” we don’t just mean outfits, as you know - it’s what to wear with our fave purses!

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It’s All About the Now: See Now, Buy Now.

by Aine Morris April 09, 2017

Depending on how accustom you are with the world of fashion, you may or may not know the original concept behind the elaborate fashion weeks we see all over the media which, are held twice a year in each fashion capital.

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What Makes Luxury, 'Luxury'?

by Aine Morris March 02, 2017

We are all about luxury purses at Lux Second Chance, so that’s exactly what we are going to explore in this month’s blog—what exactly makes them 'luxury'?

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Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Leathers for Luxury Purses

by Aine Morris February 01, 2017

  "Should I choose the Calfskin or Lambskin… What’s the difference anyways?!”

At Lux Second Chance we hear you... With so many options out there today we take the time to know the A-Z’s of everything to do with luxury purses and we want to share this with you! 

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Purse Trends You Need to Know for 2017

by Aine Morris January 01, 2017

As 2016 wrapped up this past week and the new chapter of 2017 began, we wanted to focus on keeping you ahead of the purse game for the coming seasons—insuring you know all the trends set to appear throughout the next few months.

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How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton or Chanel Purse

by Aine Morris November 29, 2016 2 Comments

Let’s get detailed! Now that we have established the basics in how to identify real qualities in popular luxury purses, it’s time to get more intricate with our knowledge in – HOW TO SPOT A FAKE!  

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How to spot the difference between a real vs fake designer bag!

by Aine Morris October 31, 2016


“How do I know it’s real though…?” – the question everyone wonders when considering a pre-loved designer purse.

Since all of us at Lux Second Chance are also ultimate purse lovers, we decided to share our gathered knowledge with our readers and customers!

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