Welcome to the new year! As always, we all want to see what this year has in store for us on the fashion front, but no one has a crystal ball. So we’ve taken the liberty to consult with the fashion Bibles once again to bring you a conclusive list of the predicted trends that “the powers that be” have decided for 2022. Take a look at the list below for the most common and predominant trends we saw across the board. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Coming out of the gate with the biggest and most common trend we saw: Colour everywhere! Every Bible agrees, it’s all about colour this year! Colour blocking, pops of colour, fluorescents, pastels, and bright accessories are everywhere and honestly, it’s the cheery vibe we need after a lengthy journey through this pandemic. And according to Vogue, colour theorists have proven that a bright outfit can actually brighten your mood.

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Skirting Around the Problem

All of a sudden we’re seeing 2004 again. Hemlines are rising and the miniskirt is back! The excuse to show a little leg is the roaring 20’s energy we need to take with us into 2022!

Clutching Our Pearls!

Pearls are the latest embellishments taking over more than just our grandmother’s necklaces. Pearls are the ultimate measure of class in any outfit, so now we’re just spreading classiness in a variety of ways.

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Cat Call

No longer just for Halloween, we can thank Kim K and Lizzo for bringing catsuits to the main stage this year. We will say, it does make things easier when your entire outfit is just one continuous piece of clothing. It may be slightly more adventurous than the mainstream crowd is ready for, but I see this trend evolving into more approachable alternatives. 

On the Fringe

We apologize. We’re here again, and quite honestly running out of quirky play on words for “fringe”. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll know that this is at least the third time we’ve mentioned fringe as the hot trend of the moment (or I guess the past 2 years). But hey! It’s versatile, accessible, and a fun way to get into the “swing” of things! (we apologize again for the dad joke)

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Lounge-erie: It’s a Vibe

Consider lounge-erie athleisurewear’s elevated and posh older sister. Lounge-erie is the slip dress you can rock on date night and the silk pajama set that’s now a socially acceptable party ensemble. This trend just solidifies that the fashion world is officially prioritizing comfort in this “new normal” of post-pandemic life. Honestly, we’re here for it if the comfort trend is as glamorous as this!

Staying Neutral

We’ve seen this aesthetic slowly take over. It’s all over Instagram, it’s making moves in the home decor sector, and of course, it’s made its way into fashion. Whether it’s loungewear or a smart coordinated suit set, this trend is taking over the runway and our closets.

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Overwhelmingly Oversized

Apparently bigger is always better this year. We’re seeing oversize in outerwear, denim, sweaters, and accessories! Maybe it’s for comfort and practicality? Maybe it’s Gen Z’s way of getting us as far away from skinny jeans as they possibly can? Either way, we’ll take it! 

Athleisure Wear and Outerwear Walk Into a Bar

And we got this combo because of it! Track suits and structured coats continue to shine as our pandemic vibe. The “work from home to meeting friends for a park hang” ensemble works for various scenarios and gives off just the right amount of “fashion–but I don’t care”.

There you have it! Let’s see where these trends take us this new year and don’t forget, all these trends and more can be found at luxsecondchance.com

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