Let’s face it, we are all ready to get as far away from home as humanly possible! With COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the globe, two (or three) shots of the vaccine in our arms, and a savings account that screams, “I’ve been staying home for the past two years!”, the world is ready for travel again! And we’re not just talking about a weekend away in a charming town in our state, province, or surrounding area. We’re talking about jet setting to a warmer climate. Escaping to a destination unknown. Globetrotting to a far away land. Embarking on a transatlantic voyage…you get the point.

So with the goal of getting as far away from our familiar neck of the woods as possible, we know that means some serious airport time. I dare say the dreaded airport almost seems…exciting now, doesn’t it? 

The airport provides the promise of adventure ahead as well as the perfect space to debut your latest fashion accessories, both practical and maybe not so practical. If you’re like us, your first post-COVID vacation is the best excuse to shop for the perfect travel pieces, try out the latest trends, and treat yourself to some well deserved designer finds. After all, you got through a global pandemic in one piece, that’s no small feat. 

When leaving the house to embark on the lengthy journey of airport wait times, terminal treks, and guaranteed air travel feet swelling, practical footwear is par for the course on long travel days. But who says practical footwear has to be plain or ugly? Not us! Take a look at these Valentino Garavani Gumboy Sneakers for a comfortable, yet stylish choice. Looking for a slip on option for the dreaded TSA check line? Take a look at these Celine Light Blue Leather Sneakers.

Just as important as the footwear you’ll wear is the luggage you’ll bring! Chances are you’re taking off for more than a weekend at this point, which means you’re bringing more than a carry on. The standard for luxury luggage is, of course, Louis Vuttion luggage. The Louis Vuitton Pegase 55 is the sleek and sophisticated must-have for anyone with a love for luxury that also only travels in styleSpacious enough to hold all your precious possessions, this piece can hold basically everything you may need for your holiday.

Of course, a carry on is just as crucial as well. This bag serves as a portal for your most treasured travel items, should you ever be separated from your checked luggage. The Gucci Web Nylon Weekender Bag has space for it all: makeup, books, magazines, chargers, headphones, travel documents, or a fresh pair of undies. With multiple compartments, sleek flat straps, and zipped closure, you’ll keep everything secure and organized.




For me personally, nothing is more essential than a chic bum bag or utility belt bag for the airport. Having your boarding pass, passport, and phone within fingers reach is imperative for easing through lines, check ins, and boarding. The Fendi Utility Belt Bag is the perfect companion for your phone and other small items to keep handy. Another personal favorite is this Chanel Vintage Bumbag in red caviar leather. Who said practical can’t be luxurious?

Another must-have is a great pair of designer shades. Whether they’re used to protect your retinas against the fluorescent lights of the terminal, hiding your napping eyes from the general public, or blocking the promising sunny rays as soon as you land in your destination, sunglasses are truly the all-purpose accessory for travel. These Tom Ford Brown Amarra Sunglasses are the perfect shades that will make you feel like a celebrity hiding from the airport paparazzi. Let us live the fantasy, okay? If you need to go even more incognito, then try these black Chloé Myrte Oversized Sunglasses.

Our last airport essential is a bit of a bonus. Not something that you would assume, but recently a travel article I browsed mentioned the importance of layers or a good scarf on your airport adventures. A scarf, preferably a good blanket scarf, can serve multiple purposes. Besides necessary warmth in sometimes chilly terminals or aircrafts, a scarf can also double as an airplane blanket or neck pillow. The Hermès Cashmere Reversible Scarf is wide enough to double as a small blanket and luxurious enough to provide neck comfort on a long haul flight. You’ll thank us later on this one!

Well if this exhaustive list hasn’t inspired you to book a last minute flight to an exciting destination, then we don’t know what will! This has really set us into full vacation mode, which is why we are bringing you part two next month. Stay tuned to hear our top picks of what we’re bringing with us on our sunny destinations with next month’s blog!

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