The runways and trend forecasts for summer 2021 are promising hot styles, daring choices, the return of old favourites, and classics that just won’t go away! We scoured our faithful fashion bibles to take a tally of the trends that we saw repeated on runways, included in trend lists, and already hitting the streets. Take a look at our top 10 trends and style inspos that we see dominating the designer scene and creeping their way into the mainstream! 


1. Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home


In a backwards fashion, we’re starting with our biggest trend first. It’s everywhere and it’s everything from wide legged pants, to boyfriend jackets, to one size fits all. Oversize fashion is taking over the scene this summer; seemingly, the bigger the better! Don’t forget, men are getting in on the action too! Skinny jeans and slim cut dress pants wearers are now looking to Harry Styles for their fashion inspiration and we’re here for it!


2. The 90s Called…

Hat Style in the 90s


And they want their hat back! The bucket hat has been creeping up on us progressively over recent years and it seems that it’s here to stay. What was once your best protection against the sun as a toddler is now all grown up! Take the look from street style to beach style at the drop of a hat (all puns intended). This is surely to be your go-to headwear this summer!


3. Tones Good Enough to Eat

Pastel tones fashion


Pastel tones of your favourite ice cream and sorbet flavours are the pop of color of choice this season. You can take it all the way with a full outfit or make a subtle statement with your accessories this summer. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with our favourite pastel picks just waiting to be included in your summer wardrobe!


4. In the Fringe Zone

Fringe bags


We know we’ve covered this one before, but like bucket hats, this trend is showing it’s longevity. Fringe has always had its place at music festivals and rodeos, but now it’s taking on the mainstream. Check out our top fringe finds here to add some texture and swing to your summer looks!


5. The Early 2000s Called...

Tiny bags from the 2000s


And they want their tiny bags back! Is it just us, or does this list have a lot of throwback looks we’re living for?! I’m sure if we all dig deep enough in our basements and closets we’ll be able to find our go-to middle school handbag circa 2003. Or better yet, elevate the style with a new find from our favourite designers.

Paris Hilton, Carrie Bradshaw, and all our favourite early 2000s fashionistas iconized the baguette bag and other similar styles (which 5 years ago would have made us cringe). But like everything in fashion, what goes around, comes back around!


6. The Wonder Bra-lette 

Bralette images


From athleisure wear to date night, the bralette is one of the most versatile trends of the summer. Whether it’s an elegant lacey number, or a minimalist sporty vibe, you can incorporate this trend into any look, style, or aesthetic. Take a look at some of our favourite celebs rocking the look!


7. Category is: Disco Realness

Disco Realness


Glitter, shine, and sparkle! Sequins are back for the summer in a big way! What a hot and sizzling way to bring a little shine to your Saturday night fever. Whether it’s a classic metallic look or getting more daring with sharp pops of color, sequins in a variety of ways are here to stay!


8. Cut outs, for summer? Groundbreaking…

Cut outs, for summer? Groundbreaking…


Well it only makes sense that with the spike in temperatures, we’re all trying to find unique and tasteful ways to cut down on the fabric we have to wear and show a little skin. Like the bralette, we’ve seen the trend come and go, but what we’re learning this summer is less is more! 


9. All Tied-Up

All Tied-Up


We’ve seen it on the runway and the streets, this dainty little detail is making moves this season. Think of it as a hybrid between a crop top and a string bikini. 


10. Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth


Arguably one of the most versatile accessories, the silk scarf can be that colour pop on your handbag, a chic neck tie, or--best yet--a way to keep your hair off your face on hot summer days. Both practical and stylish (not to mention, healthier for your hair than pesky hair elastics), this trend can keep you smooth under pressure (or heat). Fold it as a bandana or wrap it like a headscarf, either way it’s a great way to utilize your favourite silk scarves all year round.

That’s a wrap on our summer finds! We hope these trends spark some renewed inspiration into your looks as summer 2021 takes off in full force! After a year and a half of lockdowns, social distancing, vaccine roll outs, and reopenings, we all deserve a “treat yo self” kind of summer, so let’s get shopping

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