Spring is synonymous with renewal, and in the world of haute couture, this season marks the return of a reinvented classic: the low heel. Often underestimated, the low heel is back in the spotlight, proving that it's much more than just a fashion accessory. They embody a movement, a philosophy that combines timeless elegance with everyday comfort, redefining the codes of contemporary chic.

As the characteristic minimalism of the 90s makes a remarkable comeback, it brings with it, in spectacular fashion, the kitten-heeled mule. These shoes, which leave the ankle uncovered, have a discreet heel no higher than 5cm, guaranteeing optimum comfort. Kitten heel mules will be featured in a number of collections for the spring-summer 2024 season, and are set to be a key trend for the future.

Thanks to their sober design and streamlined look, it's child's play to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe! Perfect for daytime style, they look just as good with casual jeans as they do with tailored trousers, and in the evening they are the perfect complement to any dress. These shoes quickly become a key style element, adding a distinctive touch to any outfit. Which kitten heel mules should you choose this spring? Explore our varied selection to find your inspiration: A piece by Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Prada...


The low heel, with its discreet allure and modest stature, evokes an era when grace and refinement prevailed. Inspired by the style icons of the 60s, such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, it has been brought up to date with a touch of modernity and daring. Designers from Paris to Milan have reinterpreted this classic with innovative materials, novel shapes and captivating embellishments, making the little heel a centrepiece of spring collections.


The revolution in low heels is reflected in a breathtaking diversity of models. The pumps, symbols of femininity are reimagined with patent leathers, eco-friendly fabrics and surprising details such as delicate buckles or fine pearls. Sandals, an essential part of the summer wardrobe, are adorned with minimalist straps or bold patterns, offering freedom of movement without sacrificing elegance. As for ankle boots, they feature a small heel for a confident, stylish walk, even when temperatures rise.



The real magic of the small heel lies in its versatility. For a professional look, it pairs perfectly with a slim-fitting trouser suit or pencil skirt, providing an effortlessly sophisticated finish. For casual chic, pair with cropped jeans and flowing blouses for the perfect balance between casual and elegant. In the evening, it's the perfect partner for cocktail dresses, adding a touch of glamour without compromising comfort.
April 13, 2024 — caroline rodriguez

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