In the glittering city of Paris, where art and fashion have intertwined their destinies for centuries, Fashion Week 2024 once again captured the world's attention. Bringing together renowned designers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts, the event was a spectacular showcase of the trends that will shape our wardrobes in the months to come. Let us take you on a journey to the heart of this week where fashion is constantly reinventing the future, by presenting the highlights of this Parisian edition.



In the American musical panorama, from Taylor Swift and Lil Nas X to Post Malone and iconic Beyoncé, the union between country music and pop is intensifying, reviving the appeal of western fashion. The phenomenon of the "coastal cowgirl look", which emerged on TikTok last summer, has established itself as the flagship style for music festivals. At Paris Fashion Week 2024, Isabel Marant captured the essence of the Wild West with a collection that reinterprets the cowboy trend with unrivalled elegance and modernity. The designer has blended the free, adventurous spirit of cowboys with Parisian sophistication, offering a renewed vision of western chic. The fluid yet structured silhouettes perfectly combined femininity and robustness, while the play on textures and overlays evoked the refined rusticity of outdoor life. Iconic elements such as cowboy hats, worked leather boots and buckled belts were revisited with finesse, harmonizing with faded denim pieces, plaid shirts and elegantly arranged fringe, underscoring the movement and boldness of each outfit. Marant also incorporated touches of earthy color and nature-inspired motifs, reflecting the raw beauty of desert landscapes. 


The combination of school chic and sporty dynamism really captured attention at Paris Fashion Week, offering a fresh, contemporary interpretation of two seemingly distinct worlds. This trend, inspired by preppy aesthetics revisited through the prism of sporty practicality, reflects a new approach to urban fashion. Designers have finely blended structured blazers, pleated skirts and button-down shirts with bold sneakers, technical backpacks and athletic accessories, creating silhouettes that are both sophisticated and casual. This stylistic fusion suggests an evolution towards versatile outfits, capable of navigating between the demands of everyday life and the desire for timeless elegance, redefining the codes of modern chic.


Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2024 brilliantly captured this spirit with creations that evoke the softness of a refuge: cocooning silhouettes and enveloping styles dominate, among which stand out cable-knit sweaters, veritable emblems of classicism revisited. Aesthetically pleasing yet practical, these pieces represent a stylish response to the need for comfort and security, reaffirming cable-knit as a winter wardrobe staple.


Under the aegis of "quiet luxury", designers at Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2024 revisited typically masculine fabrics to enrich feminine allure with a touch of authority. A variety of ensembles, fashioned in tweed versions such as Donegal, herringbone patterns and studded textures, were unveiled, illustrating a sophisticated fusion of ruggedness and femininity. This approach is part of a desire to push back the traditional boundaries of fashion, giving feminine styles a new strength through the use of materials emblematic of the men's wardrobe.


Paris Fashion Week 2024 will be remembered as a moment of pure creation, where the audacity of designers met the contemporary challenges of our society. Between tradition and innovation, eco-responsibility and inclusivity, this fashion week not only defined the trends to come, but also laid the groundwork for a more thoughtful and committed industry. Paris, the epicenter of fashion, proved once again that it knows how to reinvent itself, inspiring the whole world to see the future in a new and exciting light.

March 20, 2024 — caroline rodriguez

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