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Chanel Black Ceramic/Stainless Steel J12 Superleggera Chronograph 41mm Watch
$4,960 CAD
Gucci Black 'Dive' Rubber Strap Watch
$1,300 CAD
Omega Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to Jupiter
$760 CAD
Omega Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission on Earth
$760 CAD
Fendi Stainless Steel FF Logo Watch 19mm
$540 CAD
Gucci Silver Face Watch w/ GG Coated Canvas Strap
$1,400 CAD
Christian Dior Christal Red Rubber/Sapphire + Crystal Watch
$4,060 CAD
Gucci Silver GG Face Thin Chain Link Watch
$220 CAD
Christian Dior Silver Square Face Watch with Pink Monogram/Black/White Interchangeable Bands
$780 CAD
Chopard Vintage Dark Pink Alligator Leather Thin Strap 18K White Gold Heart Face Watch
$1,340 CAD
Michele White Croc Embossed Silver/Diamond Watch
$780 CAD
Gucci Bamboo/Silver Slim Watch
$520 CAD
Gucci Gold/White Face Automatic G-Timeless Watch w/ Black Leather Strap
$1,100 CAD

Watches are beautiful, versatile and practical. And in our fast-paced, modern world where time seems to fly by faster than ever, keeping track of time has never been more important for keeping up with it all. At Lux Second Chance, we say why not do it in style with a little luxury bling? Shop our collection of designer watches below to embellish your wrist and any outfit with unbeatable prices.

At Lux Second Chance, we are your one-stop-shop for snagging all of the best designer names that are renowned for their prestige, quality and eye-catching styles. We’re passionate about designer goods, and we believe everyone should be able to treat themselves whenever they want to splash on some luxurious fine touches. Not only do we carry the most sought after brands, but we also offer the most affordable and attainable prices. So you can get your hands on the designer watch you’ve been dreaming of while saving up to 80% off the retail price.

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Sophisticated and Stylish

Anyone who takes pride in their style knows that a watch is much more than merely an added accessory. As a piece that’s worn and displayed front and centre on your wrist, it can say a lot about you and your style. Beyond tracking time, it represents fragments of our personality and lets us place that on display for the world to see.

Impeccable Craftsmanship and Enduring Value

Luxury watches never go out of fashion, and since many are so impeccably designed using high-quality parts and precision craftsmanship, they can last a lifetime. Even with smartphones being used for time-keeping, the style, class and elegance of a classic wristwatch can never be replaced. It’s an accessory that will always endure as a sophisticated work of art.

Original and Authenticated

Here at Lux Second Chance, providing originally authenticated pieces is our top priority. We want every customer to feel 100% confident in their purchase, which is why we carefully source all of our watches and other designer items from the most renowned consignment shops, spanning New York, London and Paris. Each product undergoes a strict and thorough authentication process to ensure everything is 100% genuine so we can continue to maintain the complete trust of our customers.

Treat yourself to the designer watch you’ve been dreaming of at Lux Second Chance today. 

Shop our Collection of luxury designer watches and save up to 80% off retail!  Authenticated & pre-owned.

Based in Toronto Canada, we bring trust and fairness to fashion, making luxury affordable and accessible. Read more About Us.