Designer Handbags

Find the best in luxury designer handbags offered at a price that you can feel good about. At Lux Second Chance, we’re passionate about designer goods and believe that luxury shouldn’t be reserved for only a few. That’s why we make luxury more affordable by offering pre-loved, high-end brands that are sourced from the most reputable consignment shops throughout London, Paris, New York City, and other fashion-forward hot spots.

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Pride, Elegance and Style

Any good fashionista knows that designer bags are more than simply a vessel for storing items in. They’re also exquisite, artistically designed pieces. Luxury handbags are more durable than standard bags since they’re made with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, often by hand. They also hold their value much longer and make any ordinary outfit look undeniably polished.

Any time you dangle a designer handbag from your arm, it gives you an instant boost of pride, elegance and style — it’s the final touch that transforms any outfit you have on. Even on those days where you’re feeling a bit sluggish, sometimes all you need is that new designer piece to give you a boost.

Find timeless classics, new and modern trends, and rare gems without having to embark on the hunt yourself. We do it all for you so you can enjoy exclusive and sumptuous pieces that are gorgeous, authentic, and economical. Add a lavish touch to complete any outfit with our discernable collection from some of the biggest names and collections, including fashion Godmothers like Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and even rare finds which aren’t available in any other markets in North America.

Authentic Designer Handbags

When it comes to purchasing preloved bags, we know that it can be difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s not. With the reselling industry being so inundated with counterfeit knockoffs, it’s not always easy to place your trust in the authenticity of what you’re actually getting. That’s why at Lux Second Chance, trust is at the core of our business. We only offer well-curated collections with each item undergoing a stern authentication process to ensure all of our products are 100% genuine.

Designer Bags Consignment Online

Many luxury brands only make a select few of their designer bags for each season. And once the season is over, they’re gone. Thankfully, with our online consignment store, you have the ability to find some of the most exclusive designs you’ve been looking for. You can easily browse our updated selection as often as you like from the comfort of your home.

Affordability without Compromising Quality

One of the biggest benefits of opting for used designer bags is that they’re manufactured using the same precision, workmanship and quality standards as the ones you get right off the shelf. So don’t let the affordable prices deceive you. Just because it’s more of a bargain, doesn’t mean it’s less luxurious. And with our careful curation process, you won’t find a single stitch out of place.

Before any item is placed for sale in our store, it goes through a methodical inspection process by our highly skilled team of experts. During the inspection, they look at a variety of factors, like the stitching, authenticity stamp, hologram sticker (if applicable), serial code, hardware, and overall craftsmanship to determine whether they correlate with the details from each manufacturer. We also promise satisfaction guaranteed with our 100% money back if the authenticity, condition, or style of the handbag is in any way misrepresented in our listing. We take every step possible to ensure that our customers can shop with confidence, knowing that each and every piece we offer is the real deal.


Did you know that buying pre-owned designer handbags also benefits the environment? Many items made by the fashion industry often end up in landfills at the end of their shelf life. By giving used bags a new lease on life, you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent another beautiful bag from polluting our planet.

Empower yourself and your wardrobe with a little glitz and glam from all of your favourite big-name designer handbag brands right here!

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