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Goyard Necessaire Bag
$580 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Grey Tote GM (NWT)
$3,360 CAD
Goyard Varenne Continental Wallet (NWT)
$4,460 CAD
Goyard Belvedere PM (NWT)
$3,890 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder - Black (NWT)
$790 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder - Red (NWT)
$790 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder - Navy Blue (NWT)
$790 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder - Green (NWT)
$890 CAD
Goyard St. Louis White Tote PM (NWT)
$2,990 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder (NWT)
$890 CAD
Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Holder - Light Blue (NWT)
$890 CAD
Goyard Anjou Mini Bag - Sky Blue (NWT)
$2,780 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Green GM (NWT)
$3,260 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Burgundy PM Tote (NWT)
$2,990 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Navy Blue PM Tote (NWT)
$2,990 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Yellow PM Tote (NWT)
$2,790 CAD
Goyard St.Louis Orange PM Tote (NWT)
$2,990 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Navy Blue GM Tote (NWT)
$3,360 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Black Tote PM (NWT)
$2,790 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Black GM Tote (NWT)
$3,360 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Sky Blue PM (NWT)
$2,890 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Black with Tan Trim PM (NWT)
$2,790 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Black with Tan Trim GM Tote (NWT)
$3,360 CAD
Goyard St. Louis Green PM Tote (NWT)
$2,990 CAD

There have been many unique luxury brands that have emerged over the centuries, but none of them have gained quite as much prestige as Goyard. With discretion and exclusivity built into the very fabric of the brand, Goyard has become one of the ultimate symbols of wealth and sophistication throughout the high-end fashion world.

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Founded more than 160 years ago, this Parisian luxury name, renowned for its trunks and bags, has remained true to its style and under-the-radar roots, with minimal advertising used for brand development since it first originated. This has helped the high-end designer name build a strong and dedicated cult-like following from some of the biggest names today, including the Duchess of Sussex, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Kardashians.

Though the name may not garner as much recognition as widely known names like Louis Vuitton or Prada, this designer brand is synonymous with prestige and elegance. Beyond the sophisticated, unique designs and high-quality materials used, Goyard is also renowned for creating pieces that are equally functional for everyday life. So, you can have the splash of luxury you desire with a sumptuous accessory that can keep up with your active lifestyle. As with other high-end names, Goyard designs are built to last and will appreciate over time.

Authentic Goyard Totes

At Lux Second Chance, we are passionate about sharing the world of luxury with our customers. But as avid fashion lovers ourselves, we know just how riddled the reselling industry is with fake products being advertised deceitfully. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure every product we offer is 100% authentic. Each item is screened and inspected by our expert team of authenticators who meticulously examine our finds, looking at the quality of stitching, stamping, serial number, hardware, and more to determine if it’s genuine. This gives our customers the reassurance and confidence they need when making their purchases online.
To top it off, we also offer 100% money back if the authenticity, condition, or style of the Goyard handbag you buy is in any way misrepresented in our listing.

All of our prized pieces are curated and sourced from the most reputable consignment shops in the biggest fashion hot spots in the world, including London, Paris, and New York City. Some special gems are so rare; you won’t find them in any other markets throughout North America.

Love Goyard as much as we do? Here are some interesting facts about the brand that you may not have known:

You’ll never see a Goyard tote featured at Fashion Week

Though most luxury brands love to talk about their products being exclusive and limited, not many do it in a way that garners such admiration and respect as Goyard does. For centuries, this Parisian brand has made it its mission to avoid the splashy media and advertising frenzy that many high-end designers flock to. Goyard has mastered the art of exclusivity, which is why you’ll never see a product featured along the runways of Fashion Week.

It’s the longest leather business that’s still in operation

Goyard first emerged as Maison Martin back in 1792, but was eventually taken over by François Goyard and aptly renamed Goyard in 1853. Today, it is the oldest leather business that’s still in operation.

Goyard signature print used to be all hand-painted

Exceptional, handcrafted skill has always been at the core of the Goyard brand, and the family art of log stamping has been carried along to every piece created. All of the coated canvases used for their products were hand-painted and applied. Personalized pieces are still available, where they are hand-painted by a Goyard artisan for an additional fee. However, their standard items are now generally created by mechanized etching and layering dye.

Goyard doesn’t sell anything online

It’s true! Goyard itself doesn’t sell any of its pieces online. But with our Goyard Canada online collection, we make it easy to snag a rare and exclusive Goyard tote, right from your couch!

Browse through our Goyard collection today to add some truly distinguished and practical designs to your wardrobe. 

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