Top 3 Bags You Need On Your Summer Vacation

by Darina Granik August 01, 2017

Often times, the month of August is when people take their summer vacation - to enjoy the best weather in Europe, when it is not as hot anymore and before the new season/ school year starts. Without a doubt most of the fashion-conscious travellers don’t want to look like tourists while exploring new cities, so they avoid sporty backpacks and touristic nylon fanny-packs. We’ve compiled a list of the most useful and stylish options that should be taken on vacation, besides obviously a suitcase and a small carry-on on wheels.

Tote bag

As a stylish and spacious carry-on, a lightweight leather tote bag is a great sophisticated option. First of all, it can serve as a bag for bulky valuables, such as a laptop and/or camera, along with your passport holder and make-up pouch. Secondly, it can be conveniently stored in front of your seat on the plane for an easy reach for anything you might need on the plane, or if you want to throw anything into it.  If you choose one without a top zipper closure, it can be unwise to place it in the overhead compartment, as some small things can fall out of the bag when the aircraft rapidly gets its speed.  It is best to keep a non-zipper closure tote at your feet, standing up in a dust bag at all times.

Depending on your destination, a tote bag can double as a beach bag. If you are jet setting to a world-class resort or luxurious destination, a nice tote bag can be a great option to save you space in your suitcase and not like the extra bulky straw beach bag.

Tip: Bring a dust bag with you and put your tote inside of it to protect it from scratches in the overhead compartment. Also, if your tote doesn’t close, it will protect things from falling out from under the seat in front of you.




If your destination includes a lot of sightseeing, then a not bulky crossbody leather bag is absolutely the best option due to plenty of reasons. First of all, we recommend choosing the one that is not too big because frankly, on vacation you don’t need to carry your life with you. Secondly, the lighter the bag, the less pain on your shoulders by the end of your day after all the walking and exploration. Moreover, having it diagonally hanging across your body, weight is distributed over your body and you can move it from one side to another. If you hit a crowded place, you can always hug your bag along your body for extra protection. In addition, you have both hands free to take good quality photos with a DSLR camera, which can hang on your shoulder and doesn’t need to be inside the bag.

Some experienced travellers also note that a crossbody bag is quite a salvation from burglars because it is hard to throw it off from the body. Also, unlike light canvas bags that tourists like to carry around, a crossbody leather bag is not easy to cut or pick-pocketed from the open corners behind you.



Small Clutch/Wristlet for nights out

No matter where you are going and for how long, don’t forget to pack a small clutch or a wristlet. You will most definitely have either a night out at local clubs, dinners at the famous restaurants or just a quick drink at a nearby bar. Sometimes unexpected adventures happen, always pack it with you. It doesn’t take much space and in a suitcase you can fill it with your make-up instead of an extra pouch or as a compartment for accessories.

Depending on the style of the clutch or wristlet, it can actually double as a wallet. When you are travelling, you won’t need all the loyalty cards, coffee shop stamp cards, coupons and receipts that you carry around at home.  When you go out at night, what do you need with you?...lipstick, powder, a key and a credit card. Leave all your daily necessities in your room.



When you travel and pick your bag, which becomes your companion on your trip, ask yourself a couple of questions:

 Do I want to attract too much attention?

Pick wisely so that you don’t become an obvious target for thieves. Go for more subtle choices. 

What color palette have I packed with me?

Pick a versatile color that would match every outfit you’ve packed. Don’t bring a red purse, if you packed mostly pink or electric yellow outfits, unless that’s your personal style, of course!

Think about shopping opportunities in your destination country.

When you travel to France or Italy, think twice if you are going to need several similar bags to have with you. Save space in your suitcase for new items and don't bring too many bags.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that your travel pictures are going to hit social media so you want to always look great!

Great travels everyone!



First and last images are from Louis Vuitton campaign "Spirit of Travel"

Darina Granik
Darina Granik


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