This month on the blog I want to talk about a favourite “this or that” debate of mine and I’m sure everyone has an opinion on it! What is the ultimate crossbody bag? How do you define it? What makes it unique, but practical? Today I want to dive into the specifics of these top four favourites I chose based on reviews, research and of course, my own experiences! 

More common than ever, designers are including a longer crossbody strap to many handbags in order to add more versatility and ways to wear (which we love!). As a result, the distinct criterion for this list is that these bags can only be worn crossbody; otherwise the options on what to include on this list would be limitless! Let’s get started!

Chloé Drew Bag

The classic Chloé Drew bag is a staple crossbody bag that is often mentioned as a go-to crossbody among designer handbags. Its unique design makes it easily identifiable as a Chloé piece. It’s offered in a variety of colors and leather types and the gold metal handles and hardware not only make it durable, but also sleek and modern.

The only weird and somewhat inconvenient feature that people often mention is the tiny metal key closure on the front of the bag. Reviewers mention that it’s not really something you can close successfully while you're on the go, but something you actually have to look at carefully to secure properly. However, the magnetic clasp of the flap makes it easy to close and stay shut if you forget to insert the tiny key into the clasp each time.

The Drew bag is usually offered in three sizes with the medium size being the most popular for the crossbody look. As the sizes of the bags vary, so does the strap length. Generally, the straps on the Drew bag range from 19” to 21”. 

Reasons why I love this bag: It’s a great medium size crossbody. Because of its size, it can fit all the essentials without overloading the bag and weighing it down. Its distinct, but classic design makes it trendy while being able to withstand the test of time as trends come and go.

Things to consider: Ultimately, the chain strap is super chic and luxurious, but not practical if you plan on weighing the bag down with heavy items. The size of the bag is definitely an intentional design feature for the purpose of the bag staying lightweight and comfortable on your shoulder.

Loewe Gate Bag

Loewe’s take on the traditional saddle bag, the Gate Bag, is a unique and luxury twist on a crossbody staple. They keep the theme of the traditional saddle bag alive with its extra-large saddle stitching. The unique contoured hinges on the side of the bag gives the ‘Gate’ bag its name. Similar to hardware found on an old gate, these bulky hinges speak to the bags sophistication and craftsmanship.

This bag also comes in three sizes: regular, small and mini. Given the somewhat smaller nature of the bag, its wide cavity allows for a good number of small essentials to fit in comfortably. Its patterns and colours change with each season it’s released, so there will always be a design that fits your personal aesthetic!

To some, the intricate knot on the flap of the bag could allude to a difficult opening and closing of the handbag. However, it is mainly an aesthetic feature and does not require the wearer to unknot and knot the bag to open and close it. The flap simply slides in and out from behind the knot to secure it shut. There are no added zippers or buttons required to open the bag. 

Reasons why I love this bag: It hits my list as the token “saddle bag,” which could be considered the ultimate type of crossbody bag given its convenient fit and design. Not only is the strap length adjustable, but the knot on the front of the bag acts as a hand harness, doubling the bag as a chic clutch (see below).

Things to consider: The interior of the bag is suede, making it luxurious, but also a bit impractical. Crossbody bags are often used for an on-the-go day bag, when cute and chic might not be feasible. Throwing everyday items into a suede bag can sometimes end up in catastrophe and we definitely wouldn’t want an accident to happen in this beauty.

Hermès Evelyne Bag

Okay, so maybe I got ahead of myself by saying the Loewe Gate bag was my token saddle bag of the list. The Hermès Evelyne Bag was literally once an actual saddle bag. In fact, its unique design is due to utilitarian purposes as the first use for the bag was an equestrian grooming bag. The perforated holes that make up the logo on the front of the bag were used to allow the contents of the bag to breathe (to prevent them from getting too smelly!). The “H” logo that fashionistas love to show off was actually the back of the bag originally. The bag was meant to be worn with the side pocket facing outwards and the “H” holed logo was meant to just serve practical purposes on the backside of the bag.

Although I’m sure all of us fashion lovers would treat our Hermès goods with tender, love and care; the leather of the bag is actually quite durable! The inside is unlined, showing the rich suede of the backside of the leather. Since this bag was once purely used for equestrian needs, a beautifully lined fabric interior would not have been practical. This premium leather accessory has proven to stand the test of time, which is why it also does so well on the resale market. Even after years of (careful) use, you can barely notice any wear.

The Evelyn bag is available in four sizes: the smallest being the TPM, in between being the PM then GM, and the largest being the TGM size. The adjustable strap ranges in length from 36 to 52 inches, making it insanely versatile for all body types. It also comes in a wide variety of colors that change in availability each season, making it unique to your personal taste!

Reasons why I love this bag: The history! Of course a brand like Hermès is rich with history, but the full history of this bag is actually very interesting! Not only will it serve as a practical everyday bag, but also a fascinating conversation piece to share with admirers. Luxury meets practicality with this bag, making a lot of handbag lovers say that this is their go-to crossbody bag.

Things to consider: Given the flexibility of the leather, this bag is relatively slouchy and not super structured. Depending on what you throw in your crossbody, the bag could droop in some places and lose its structure while you wear it. That being said, not many users have reported on the bag losing its shape over time when it is empty and stored properly. In addition, without a zipper closer, this large bag is only fastened shut with a small leather snap closer, leaving the top opening of the bag exposed and your belongings less secure.

Gucci Marmont Matelassé

Although I mentioned earlier in this blog that I chose not to include any bags that could be worn as anything but a crossbody bag, I made an exception with the Gucci Marmont Matelassé due to the sheer popularity of this bag! It’s hard to find a list of ultimate crossbody designer bags that doesn’t include this Gucci staple. It comes in the flap version (snap closure) and the camera version (zipper closure). The flap version is often the style with the convertible chain strap drop that can be worn at two different lengths, making it a shoulder bag as well as a crossbody. Simplistic, yet chic, its standard design can fit anyone’s style without falling out of trend too quickly.

Available in three sizes: mini, small, and medium (being the largest) it definitely isn’t a “throw everything into bag,” as given its limited size. As previously mentioned, it’s offered in a flap version or a camera version (zip closer) depending on your preference of usability. Most commonly, the Marmont Matelassé is seen in smooth, luxurious leather, but a funkier version can be found in velvet and unique fabric designs in order to amp up this common designer piece.

Reasons why I love this bag: It’s a luxury handbag staple. No collection of handbags is complete without it! Its size range makes this bag an option for a daytime bag, for running errands, to a delicate evening bag small enough to fit just the essentials.

Things to consider: Although throughout my research I never found any negative feedback about this bag, the one thing that personally stands out to me is its lack of originality and excitement. This, of course, is subjective and up for interpretation. Many might also mention that size could also be a factor as people often use crossbody bags for functional and practical purposes. If you’re one to carry a variety of things in their day-to-day purse, you may reconsider the capacity of this particular handbag.

So Who Comes Out on Top?

Well, many could argue that’s relative to your own personal needs and style. Each bag offers their own unique uses, traits and styles to cater to every functional fashionista. If I had to make a decision based on my own research, experience and opinion, my choice is the Hermès Evelyne Bag. I find something so romantic and unique about the fact that Hermès hasn’t altered the original design of the bag over time, making it stay true to its original purpose and functionality. It’s great on space, comfortability and still luxurious as ever! (HELLO!?! It’s Hermès after all!)

So what's your favourite designer crossbody? Ultimately, the decision is yours! Rock your crossbody your way and wear it proud! To shop the latest finds, visit our Shop Crossbody page to see all our designer crossbody bags.

Hope you found this helpful! Until next time Luxers! 



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