The 4 Essential Outfits you Need to Pair with your Spring Purses

by Brian Brian May 07, 2017

It's official! Spring is in the air which, means it’s time to transition that wardrobe of yours. With that said, when we say “wardrobe” we don’t just mean outfits, as you know - it’s what to wear with our fave purses! If you haven’t already updated your closet, we have taken the hard work out of deciding what essential purses you will need this season along with the complimenting outfits. We have put together essential looks for this Spring by highlighting four of this season's biggest trends: stripes, culottes, appliqué and ruffles. From work to a patio party or a picnic to a brunch - we have you covered for all your activities and events!

And don’t forget, not only do we have the perfect purses to buy on, we are also here to give those pre-loved gems of yours a new home. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

PS. To shop any of the purses below, simply click on the corresponding image to be directed to the website. Happy shopping! 


Work = Louis Vuitton + Culottes

Since Spring can bring unexpected weather, it’s important to add layers to your outfit. From a brisk walk to get to work to sitting in a warm office, you need options throughout the day. This outfit does just this with an easy (but warm) addition of the leather jacket. A pair of wide leg pants or culottes as seen below are one of the most comfortable trends out there - perfect for a long workday. Who said stylish can’t be comfortable!

A classic Louis Vuitton purse finishes off this outfit with a luxurious and timeless feel. Just like you, this monogrammed Louis Vuitton oozes professionalism and class. This is the winning statement to bring to work every day of the week! A classic never goes out of fashion; think of it as an investment in your career.

Outfit Details
PURSE// Louis Vuitton: Vernis Montana Amarante
PANTS// Valentino: Silk culottes
SHIRT// MM6 Maison Margiela: Tie-back striped cotton-poplin shirt
JACKET// Saint Laurent: Classic Motorcycle jacket, black leather
SHOES// Gucci: Princetown Mules


Picnic = Prada + Stripes

The smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air now, making you want to get out and start enjoying the outdoors again. Walking the dog and packing a picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the nice weather! Comfort and function is priority here. Pair your favorite sneakers with a shirt dress for the ultimate cool look. Stripes are in, so go bold and have fun with this trend - vertical, horizontal, thick, thin, there's no wrong stripes here!

This casual look obviously needs a bag to fit all those snacks! This Prada is the perfect fit for the job - let’s say, a fashionista’s solution to a picnic basket! This bag is essential for a day out and easy to wipe down if we get carried away with our ice cream!


PURSE// Prada: Cobalt Blue Calf Leather City Double Tote
SUNGLASSES// Céline: Petra round frame sunglasses
DRESS// Moda Operandi: Striped Shirting Side Tie Dress
SHOES// Hilfiger Collection: Stars Classic Sneakers


Brunch = Céline + Appliqué

The weekend is here! Time to go for brunch and catch up with the girls. Nothing too flashy but, of course it’s still time to dress to impress. Once again, a little jacket never hurts in spring incase you get seated on a patio. This jacket has a subtle applique (embroidered) detail on the front to add that extra level of texture. This trend is huge for Spring and mostly seen as floral detailing – depending on how brave you are, this trend is huge on jeans and shorts too! More flower power to ya!

As we all know, everything mini is automatically cuter so, to finish off this outfit we paired it with the cutest Celine Nano. As they say, it’s not small, it’s fun sized, right?!

PURSE// Céline: Drummed Calfskin Micro Luggage Vermillion Tote
TOP// SemSem Camille ruffle top  
JEANS // Abercrombie: High rise girlfriend jeans, medium wash
BOOTS// - off-white, suede ankle boots 
JACKET// Kobi Halperin - Floral applique bomber 


Patio = Chanel + Ruffles

It’s May and the patios around the city begin to open up again- giving us all one more reason to go out and socialize. This outfit combines one of the prettiest trends we are seeing everywhere right now – ruffles! This example of ruffles below is a toned down version, however, depending on how feminine of a look you are going for, more is more with this trend! This pretty little combo of denim and ruffles is paired with a classic Chanel purse in a neutral white. You can never go wrong with a crisp white, allowing you to match any outfit throughout all seasons. The Vernis option with the chain strap is practical for a night out avoiding those pesky clutches you can't free your hands of. 

PURSE// Chanel: Patent Quilted Clutch with Chain Flap
SKIRT// Alexa Chung: AG jeans in medium wash
SHIRT// Zimmermann: Tropical Floral Flutter Crop Top
SHOES// Schutz: Luna Wedge
BRACELETS// Versus: Gold Heavy Lion Medallion Bracelet

Brian Brian
Brian Brian


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