Purse Trends You Need to Know for 2017

January 01, 2017

As 2016 wrapped up this past week and the new chapter of 2017 began, we wanted to focus on keeping you ahead of the purse game for the coming seasons—insuring you know all the trends set to appear throughout the next few months. Getting to know upcoming trends is the perfect way to stay ahead when purse shopping, allowing you to spot a gem before everyone wears the trend to death. After all, at Lux Second Chance we want to insure you all are trendsetters, not followers!

Without further ado, our four key bags to watch in 2017 are the mini bag, the oversized bag, the wristlet, and the backpack. These trends we’ve accumulated came from the Spring/Summer17 designer collections from Paris Fashion Week, which showed in fall of the previous year, in this case Fall 2016.  We see these four consistent key styles from the bigger designer powerhouses such as Gucci and Chloe right through to the smaller, upcoming brands. The trends that we have identified also have something for everyone spanning from the contrasting mini to oversized purses to the ultra-casual backpack.



To kick things off we are starting with the mini bag. This barely-there but so impactful trend will catch anyone’s eye! A borderline between a trinket and lipstick holder, this trend is for sure a conversation starter – after all, anything in miniature size is instantly more adorable. Below we have gathered three very different, yet very mini purses to highlight a variety of takes on the trend for you. How Ca-u-te!!


To swiftly contrast our previously mentioned purse, this trend is all about the bigger the better. Structure or no structure the aim of the game is to go big or go home. The more demur designers, such as Celine, even stepped out of their comfort zone to join in on this trend, giving us a nod that this is worth a try. If we ever have seen an addition to an outfit, this is it! Not to mention the mega practical aspect for those on-the-go gals that are constantly carrying their life around in their purse.



You know those inevitable decisions you face when getting ready before going out? “Jewelry or no jewelry?” “Watch or bracelet?” “Watch AND bracelet?” “Is this too much with my purse?” Well…This is the problem solver right here, ladies—combining an element of jewelry with a purse. An instant way to glam up any outfit this coming season will be with the help of the wristlet. An added leather band or even a gold bangle on your purse can change the tone of any outfit effortlessly. As well as the added functional aspect, you won’t have to carry your bag under your arm all night! This is a for sure winner that you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP!


Are you a busy body that is always on the go or simply just a fashionista who loves wearing the latest trends? Now with this key backpack there is no need to choose—why can’t you be both?! Who would have thought the humble backpack would have such a strong presence on the chic runways of Paris? Let’s be honest, it’s not too often we come across a trend that is just so darn practical. From hitting the streets for a spot of shopping to the hustle and bustle of travelling, this is one investment piece that can do it all. Not to mention, the backpacks featured this coming season are full size leaving the mini backpack to take a backseat, which we saw all too much of in 2016.


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