As a collector of authentic designer handbags, no one knows the pride of owning a luxury good better than you. How about sharing this joy with like-minded connoisseurs with a bonus of earning handsome returns.

All you need to do is identify the designer handbag you want to part with from your personal collection, click on Start A New Consignment, we will send you a Consignment Package email along with a FREE shipping label link via Canada Post.  Pack it, label it, sit back and enjoy your profits.

Each consignment is examined and certified by our authentication experts before it’s made available online. LUX SECOND CHANCE offers you unbeatable returns of up to 80%** of the selling price once your luxury handbag is acquired by another fashionista, a rate way higher than traditional market standards. As a little token of gratitude for your refined taste and willingness to share the joy of owning a legacy, we want to offer you a $100 site credit* towards your next purchase for your consignment.     


9am-5pm EST, M-F

*Credit expires 60 days from date of issue.  Non-transferable.

**Consignor's Earnings